Friday, April 30, 2010

New exhibitor for June 2010 Market

Our spaces at our June 2010 are filling up nicely and we are trying to get a nice blend of stallholders. We have a mix of previous and new stallholders. Following is one of our new participants.
Ruth Lawford of Toodyay
Ruth makes beautiful jewellery using a blend of vintage pieces and high quality modern beads.

Ruth will also have the most beautiful vintage kimono's for sale - Furisode (party kimonos), Uchikake (elaborate wedding kimonos, Tomisode (for formal wear), Haori (jacket length).

This is a close up view of a Japanese Uchikake (wedding kimono) with elaborately hand embroidered birds and flowers from the late Showa period.We look forward to having Ruth and her daughter Cat Lawford of Poppy Willow join us, Cat a dress designer makes dresses using vintage fabrics.