Thursday, October 28, 2010

part two Oct Market

Back again, computor cooled down and raring to go...........

These items were on Fleur's stall, these little chair bases are so cool, I saw one walking out the door. Marena's stall?above and Catherine's below I think....

Phil's stall, doesn't this sewing pattern made into a dress on her mannequin look just way to cool.. Ruth's stall with her kimono's and her lovely jewellery, doesnt that bride look so good..........
Donna's lovely little treasures........... Pam and George had these lovely vintage children clothing..........
Sharon's luscious soaps.............. Karla's lovely soulful artworks...................... Pauline's lovely stall, would have looked great at the upcoming Melbourne Cup....The lovely Michelle from Verve was one of the first to set up, as always a wonderful display........... Below is Gorgeous Vintage

It has become a custom, before we open the doors to the customers we welcome all our stall holders and give them a glass of wine and chocolates. We really appreciate all their efforts and it is our small way of saying thank you for putting in such a big effort to make our market what it is becoming. We often speak to people we haven't met before and explain that we run Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handmade Market, and their reply is "Oh, we have heard such great things about your Market" it does make us proud, so thank you all. Jacky and Phillipa (Miss Johnsons)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 2010 Market

Well its a week since our last market, I have recovered enough to get these photo's on the blog for you. I am sure you will agree, we had a lovely lot of stall holders who did their part to make our market look so good.view leading up the small flight of stairs to the stage area, can you see one of our lovely large postcards printed on vinyl. we where very pleased with how these turned out. We had to have the old postcards printed to a higher resolution so we didn't lose the detail and then they where printed onto vinyl so they would last. We had six done, maybe we will hang them lower at the next market. I know our dad would of been chuckling up there were ever it is we go, there goes those girls again, standing on a rickety ladder atop a trestle, using a pole to push the top up, well dad I was holding that ladder steady while rightfully so Phillipa went up the ladder being the younger, I only let it go to stand back and make sure she had it on straight. This was the view to the right of the stage with Ruth's stall in front.view from the stage looking down the hall to the entrance, it looks quite spacious with customers.
two happy customers all the way from Collie, Nicole who exhibited with us last time and my oldest daughter Kirsty, they drove back to Collie after there little spend up. Following is our three lovely helpers who don't know how important they where and how much we appreciated their help.
The lovely Cheryl top and Gemma (Phillipa's Granddaughter) did the catering for us on Friday night as we only found out on Thursday that our Caterer Passionate could do Friday night as the council hadn't given her approval, so it was a mad dash to find an assortment of our china coffee mugs and plates from home, cakes bought, tea, coffee, milk and cold drinks all purchased while we where also setting up our stalls and the hall, whew!!!! but we made it and the girls where marvelous. The catering on Saturday was also very yummy. It seemed as this time we where fraught with problems from the council, we also had to take our banners down from in front of the hall on Tuesday after putting them up on Monday, another permit we didn't know about and the booking person was not aware of it either, we will have to look into that for the next market.My lovely granddaughter Samara manned the front door Friday night and my outside stall on Saturday in the sun, poor love.
This is Sonja's lovely stall looking all shabby french chic, what a lovely display, we noted customers coming in the front door and just going wow! this makes it all so worth all the hard work we put into making this event that has wow impact, thank you Sonja for such a lovely display.And this is the chic french madame herself looking very jaunty in her red beret, I think the customers loved her stall also if the amount of items I saw walking out the door.

Barbara's another new exhibitor was a hit with her old rusty barbed wire hearts, bird nests, and bird cages. She also had lovely jackets made from old chenille bedspreads and other handmade items. This birds nest below I just had to have. Part of the fun is buying off other stall holders.

Tea had this lovely vintage suitcase brimming with hand embroidered goodies, it is good to see hand made making such a resurgence and Tea is a good example.This American Goose Feather tree Tea bought off me at the last market, she shows it off to great advantage with her hanging embroideries. You should have a look at her hooked embroideries, these are especially nice.

My computor has decided not to download anymore photo's so will give it another go tomorrow.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Jacky's been working hard as well.

These are some of the pieces that Jacky has been working on, I love the one in the second image, and all my favourite colors too.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

items you will see.

The stool is a display pieces, I didn't have the heart to sell it, sorry.
geogous colors of the different glass.

getting ready to be washed ( gently )

A collage of items from Marisa.

Aren't the colors gorgeous. These are pieces from Marisa's collection.

Some images from Fleur.

some lovely pieces from Fleur.

Saturday, October 2, 2010