Monday, May 30, 2011

Some images from the shop called "storia"

Some images taken in Annah's shop called "storia", the shop is located at 1/151 James Street, just a few minutes walk from the Guildford Town Hall. Shop hours are on the side bar.

Friday, May 27, 2011

visit Guildford

Visit historical Guildford after visiting our market of course. there are some truly unique shops some old and some very new.
Walking from the hall where Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handmade Market is back towards Bassendean you will come across a truly delightful new shop call "Storia" a visual treat as well as selling some beautiful clothing, upmarket Jewellery and gift items. have a look at the beautiful boxes you won't be disappointed
two doors down is Dee's shop which does not have a name yet but is well worth having a look.
Around the corner there is a lovely gift shop, these shops are all nice and new.
across the road next to the old pub that was burnt down, it is time the council gave some approvals for rebuilding before it deteriorates too much, would be such a shame to lose another historical old pub from this district, you will find a delightful shop "Oriental Origins" in what was an old theatre at one time, the stage is still intact. You will find lovely oriental items very old looking.
Browsing on James is the next must see if you are looking some lovely looking gift lines.
Precious Gifts is another one for special gifts
Stories on the Wall is next door, amazing shop, unbelievable art and furniture made from rubbed back painted timber, very unique.
Basic Elements is one of my very favourite shops in this strip, lots of old items from Asia. So much character make sure you go out the back door there is a lovely long courtyard very rustic and just a lovely place to be still.
my other favourite is Curio Warehouse, I just love the old concrete planters in fact I have some on layby. Really neat vintage pieces, they have just got a new shipment in from the UK, go have a look.
Around opposite the Rose and Crown hotel is another new shop called "Panache Living" in the shop that was called Raw. Homewares (lovely) giftwares, furnishing, jewellery and accessories. They also have a very nice range of clothing. You must check this one out.
Almost opposite the Rose and Crown is a little shop "Pasta Pronto" they sell the most amazing freshly made pasta's, they also have some pasta meals. I have bought their fettuccine so yummy
I wasn't aware that you could freeze the pasta for later meals.
The Rose and Crown is always worth a visit, did you know they have a ghost in fact they may have several, there is also a tunnel from the hotel down to the river, not sure if this is still accessible.
Across the road from the Guildford Town Hall where we will be is a very lovely Nursery, if you are a gardener they also have some very lovely garden gift lines.



I thought I would share with you some of the purchases I have made at our Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handmade Market. I always come home with something as we have such lovely stall holders.
I like to make collections around my home and this is a collection of old linens stacked up with a lavendar wand on top, sitting on an old chipped white chair

a lovely old mirror with all the lovely age around the edges. pop an old photo in the corner. this is on my workbench hence the mess

old bone handled knives and forks in a glass jar, we use these and just put the jar on the table.
I find the tines on old forks much sharper to stab salad and vegetables with.

This lovely old velvet cushion was just the right shade of ice blue that I liked I think it came from Mareene's stall.
it sits on the bed

the frame at the back is one that I sell it also matches my colour scheme

these lovely white cotton curtains look great in my studio, I like the way the let in a bit of light in the sheer lace panel near the top and also the way they puddle on the floor. These came from Michelle's stall they are not old but I do like them

below is this lovely little bed tray with retractable legs I loved the beautiful colour of blue, cannot remember which stall I bought this off. looks good with some lovely old china and a fresh rose

I do love glass domes and have a few in different sizes, this was also from Michelle, the desert forks next to it are old though

old clocks is something else I like to have a collection of as well as old used stencils

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a sample of our new flyer.

This is the prototype for our new flyers, they are at the printers now with all mistakes corrected. Isn't this a geogeous image.