Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Contacts for exhibitors.

Here are some of the exhibitors email addresses, contact us if you want more information.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The entrance to Miss Johnson's Market.

Jacky and I had the foyer looking lovely, we also did a lovely display in the ticket booth but I didn't have time to take a photo of it. It looked so good though.

Not all set up yet, lots of activity going on thought. This shot is taken from the front of the hall looking towards the main entrance.

some more images of our market.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

June Market

Phillipa and I worked until after midnight on the Thursday night, it was freezing cold, what with our record run of tempertures below 5 degrees over 12 days now. We had a wonderful turn out at our Market on the 25th and 26th of June, also a lovely group of exhibitors. I did get to take some photo's prior to opening on the Friday night and would like to share them with you.
setting up
Marenna's beautiful linens, and white theme looked stunning, see that cushion, that went home with me.

Joannes stall always looks refreshing in its simplicity, showing her products off to perfections, a case of less is more. Her little pendant tags where a hit.joannes stall contact
this is my stall, that little black fur coat was my favourite and really wanted to keep it for one day I might be able to fit back into it. Its funny isn't it, I took 3 fur coats, sold two and managed to keep the one I want, more as a decorating item.

Wendy, the queen of vintage clothing, you learn so much from just watching Wendy in action, she is the ultimate saleswomen, knowledgable about her product, constantly interacting with her customers with an eye for what will suit each customer, her stall is always immaculate.

donna's stall, isn't this little elephant just lovely, I'm sure that would have sold quick

Fleur had these wonderful feather paisley quilts we sure had a need for these recently, and can you see this wonderful scrapbook, mmmh I thought hard about this one. Oh, can you see that beautiful beaded, lovely shade of blue holder of something, maybe lingerie.

karen clohessy the dollmaker, had all these wonderful bits and peices, now I did succumb to some amazing vintage fabric for a journal from karen.whimsical art by Karla,I am sure these would have been snapped up, do you see all those beautiful old books, I am always getting asked if I will sell my old books, but no no no, they are such treasures and I am not ready to let mine go, so I am sure these would have been popular.

Katherine did a great job on her stall, just loved those black and white vintage patterns on the wall and the open book on Marilyn Monroe, well done Katherine

Marissa had this wonderful collection of leather handbags, in fact a lot of the vintage stalls had lovely collections of gloves, bags, hats etcKims lovely little bibs and bobs, mmmh I do like that painting in the background, I wonder if it sold.
We where very lucky to have the very talented Nicole and Luellen come all the way from Collie to participate in our market, handmade of a very high standard. Beautiful art made from the Golden books, and lots of white art, you should not miss this!!!

Pam and her lovely husband George had a wonderful display as usual, see the wonderful hat collection and displayed to perfection

If you didn't go upstairs you would have missed out on Phillipa's wonderful stall, so many beautiful things to see. Those tophats are just to die for, and the bottles, I was so lucky to get one for my birthday, oh, oh and that dear little dolls push chair all aged just as I like it.Sue with her beautiful jewellery and her lovely dress designer daughter whose name escapes me

Another Mother and daughter team Ruth with her wonderful Kimono's and flamboyant jewellery and her dress designer daughter. It was wonderful to see two young dress designers and I hope they created a lot of interest.

Last but not least the lovely Tea (what a cool name) with her beautiful handmade items that where very popular.

I had intended to add everyone's email address details in case you wished to contact one of the stall holder, but unfortunately I have been literally sitting at this computor for 5 hours and I am a bit over it. Will try to give you a list in the next few days. Thank you for all of you that attended and made it such a wonderful market and we hope you will visit with us again in October.

With our next Market, 15th and 16th October we hope to increase the number of handmade stalls and also have a variety of vintage items for the garden and other garden type stalls on the outside.